Stage 1:

Pre-Arrival Services

In this stage, we guage your profile, your requirements and strategize a custom relocation package that is both comprehensive and cost-efficient at the same time. Because we understand that "One size does not fit all."

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Stage 2:

Post-Arrival Services

In this stage, we ensure your smooth transition from an Indian expatriate to an Indian resident. Our services encompass all aspects of residence in India right from fulfilling the legalities to the availing of the utilities.

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Stage 3:

Settling in Services

In this stage, we ensure you are neither giving up on any lifestyle choices that you had made in your earlier home nor missing out on experiencing the incredible enigma that is India.

Our Settling-in Services »

Orientation Program. Get acclimatized.

Expatriates who have just started work in India or those who will soon start working will attend an Expatriates Orientation Program that covers all the aspects of relocating to India for business or for employment. It will equip you with the necessary knowledge to understand the country, its people, its culture, its economy, business and social life. We feature an appropriate combination of short lectures, real-life examples, Q & A, discussions, exercises, role plays and other activities so the program is interesting and informative.

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Local Registry Assistance. Go Legit.

Expatriates arrive in India with various types of visas and permits - tourist visas, business visas, employment visas etc. Rays with its extensive experience in relocation will assist you in getting the necessary documents processed as per government regulations and ensuring you are fully compliant with the laws of the land.

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Temporary Accommodation. Land. *Snap* Move in.

We provide comfortable short or long-term accommodation for skilled workers, expats and/or managers including studio apartments, flats, houses, penthouses and villa's (semi-furnished and furnished). Our extended-stay housing options are ideal for companies sending employees to India on short-term assignments as they don’t have to deal with expiring contracts, utility applications, and maintenance.

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Pet Relocation. No family member left behind.

Rays Relocations understands that pet travel and pet shipping is critical for many expatriate pet lovers. That's why we work hard to ensure your pet can be moved to and from nearly any global location without any hassle. We will arrange for the necessary documentation required to bring your pet to India, transport them with minimum discomfort, have in place quarantined facilities for pets arriving in India and schedule routine check-ups for them as well.

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Home Search. Make yourself at home.

Rays Relocations prides itself in offering one of the best home search services in India for expatriates. Our experienced team of real estate experts is friendly, responsive, multi-lingual and focused on your needs. Once you have a good idea of what India has to offer you (after attending our orientation program), we take the burden of the the arduous task of home search off your shoulders.

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Real Estate and Property Management. Safe as a house.

We also provide property management services for expatriates to not only assist every single expatriate in relocating comfortably to India but also to ensure only the cost and time efficient real estate packages to large MNCs moving a bunch of employees to India. Together with our wide network of real estate agents and business partners based all over India, we guarantee you the professional service that will cater to your specific needs and help you save money.

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Furniture Rentals. Get comfy.

Whether you are here on a short term or a long term assignment, Rays Relocations provides furniture rental services that reduce your stress and enhance your comfort during your entire stay. We will help you furnish your entire house according to your needs with the best-in-class furniture range and hence you can rest assured of an elegant and cosy atmosphere in your new home in India.

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School Search Assistance. Find the cool school.

Most countries have educational information establishments specifically designed to assist the expat education relocation requirements; India does too. Rays Relocations helps you by providing accurate advice that suits your child’s education requirements wherever you are from and whatever curriculum your child has to fit into. We provide follow ups and make valuable suggestions as they graduate from schools to universities anywhere else as well.

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Domestic Utilities Setup. No need to run the errands as you land.

Our service consultants will assist in acquiring and installing all the utility connections such as: gas connection, telephone connection, tv- satellite and Internet connections provided by reliable and trustworthy utlities providers required for their home and ensures all connections are functional with demonstration.

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Car Leasing Services. Move about in style.

Designed for your peace of mind by making your new vehicle purchase/rent or lease safe, convenient and enjoyable in India, Rays Relocations locates a car according to your specifications, negotiates the price and ensures that the car is in good condition. Expats can rely on us for long-term car rentals, or to sell/purchase new cars. Our expat auto team is dedicated to providing turn-key services to ensure you drive around in India in luxury without any stress.

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Tenancy or Lease Management. Ensuring you're not low-balled.

Rays relocations stands out from our competitors by executing and providing our planned tenancy management for all our assignees and corporate clients in order to save your time and effort by firstly looking out for professional vendors for your utility services and then auditing the status of your household infrastructure during the tenancy period. This is done by a monthly or bimonthly inspection or visit by our service executives.

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Cultural tourism. Revealing the Incredible India.

What makes India so beautiful and interesting – its culture of course! The people of India belong to various religions, castes and faiths. Each of these cultural practices has its own importance and charm. India morphs into a vibrant mosaic of lively and magnificent colors, and encompasses a blend of food, festivals and art. India's culture has been enriched over time and Rays Relocations strives to helps you experience the minutest details of its culture through well-organized cultural tours.

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