Our story

Rays Relocations (IES) is owned and managed by Mr. K.R. Ramesh, who is the Founder and President of the organization. Over the years, he has understood that global organizations are constantly dealing with pressure to compete and increase the size of their global workforce. This is where Ramesh brings in his two decades of experience in relocating people to India. He has been instrumental in shaping Rays Relocations as a leading India destination services provider serving companies around the world.

During his stint at Singapore Rays International Private Limited, which was a trading, clearing, forwarding and logistics coordinating firm in Singapore, he effectively managed the demands in growing a global workforce for a number of companies.

From 2004 to 2013, he worked with a number of relocation companies and executed effective processed for global relocation and coordinated global mobility services with Caterpillar, GM, Federal Mogul, True Energy and Scania Commercial Vehicles Private Limited.

Supporting a global workforce

Today, Rays Relocations is a dynamically growing international consulting group, one which is proud of the subject matter experts it has in its fold including culturists, project managers and others who are instrumental in creating and delivering a comprehensive service portfolio. They provide a custom tailored program to help companies manage relocation issues including with issues with accommodation, working and travelling to India. Look no further, Rays Relocations is your partner for sustainable business success.

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